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Tiny onyx chips by the ounce

Tiny onyx chips by the ounce

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Tiny onyx chips by the ounce, these undrilled chips are great for making orgonite pyramids or gemstone bottles!
These tumbled onyx chips are come in a mix of sizes and are sold by the ounce, the more ounces you buy the more you save!
Use these lovely gemstone chips for making resin projects, crystal grids, orgonite, chakra mixes, oil roller balls and so much more!

Please note: These crystals are sold by weight, every bag of crystals is carefully weighed and the amount in the bag can vary depending on density of the stones!
All pictures are taken in natural lighting but can vary depending on your screen!
Each gemstone is unique and may look different from the pictures. Since gemstones are a product of nature variations in color and size are normal.

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