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Raw calligraphy stone

Raw calligraphy stone

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Raw calligraphy stone by the piece, these raw gemstone pieces are a must have for your collection of crystal grid stones or give as a ready to ship gift under 5 for that crystal lover in your life!
These calligraphy jasper pieces are each unique in their size and shape from 1" to 2" inches, this amazing stone is a composite of fossilized shells, bones, and vegetation from ancient swamps.
Sold individually, you will receive one piece of hand-picked calligraphy jasper.

Stone: Calligraphy stone jasper
Sold by: 1 piece

{Please note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. }
Calligraphy stone: Repels negativity, boosts courage and inner strength, manifests dreams.
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