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Chocolate calcite mushroom

Chocolate calcite mushroom

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Chocolate calcite mushroom carving, this large mushroom is perfect for adding to a collection of alter decor or giving as a ready to ship unique gift under 20!
This beautiful gemstone mushroom is banded with tan and light brown, its 2 1/4" inches long by 1 1/4" inches wide.
This is the exact calcite mushroom you will receive.
Mushrooms are a symbols of transformation, good health, and fertility.

Stone: Chocolate Calcite
Chakra: Root chakra

Please note: ****This mushroom DOES have two red spots that I THINK is filler from when they were cut/polished, I'm not certain hence the discounted price.***
Our crystals are natural unless otherwise stated and may have rough spots, cracks, chips or lines. We try to describe any large flaws and you will receive this exact stone.
All photos are taken in light box and kept as true as possible but colors may vary depending on your screens!

{Please note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. }
Chocolate Calcite:
Grounding and stabilizing stone, enhances prosperity, boosts personal growth.
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