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Black and red memory wire bracelet

Black and red memory wire bracelet

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Black and red memory wire bracelet, this bold glass bead bracelet would be great for adding to your own collection of beaded wrap bracelets or give as a unique gift under 25!
This bracelet has 5 loops of sturdy steel memory wire, the flexible memory-wire makes this beaded bracelet super easy to put on and great for anyone who loves to add a splash of color to a dark outfit.
Bright red glass beads in different sizes and shapes are combined with black seed beads on this memory wire bracelet, exact measurement will vary depending on wrist size but its 1 3/4" inches across at the widest point.

Memory wire is very sturdy and flexible so it fits many wrist sizes.
To put on a memory wire wrap around bracelet you slightly stretch the bracelet out and wind it around your wrist, starting with one end just lay them in a row until you reach the end!
Memory wire does exactly as its name suggests, it maintains the "memory" of its shape, so you can simply stretch it out and it will go back to its original shape afterwards as long as it's not excessively stretched.
A memory wire bracelet can be a little stiff to wear until it adjusts to your wrist but before long they are super comfortable and make great stacking bohemian bracelets!

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