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Banded calcite skull carving

Banded calcite skull carving

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Banded calcite 2" inch skull carving, this gemstone skull is perfect for adding to a collection of gemstone carvings or giving as a ready to ship gift under 30!
On this beautiful skull bands of cream/white/tan with just a hint of pale green mingle to create a stunning layered effect, it is 2" inches long by just shy 1 1/2" inches wide and 1 1/2" inches tall.

Please note: This skull DOES have a natural fracture line on one side, please view all pictures as this is the exact skull you will receive.
Our crystals are natural unless otherwise stated and may have rough spots, cracks, chips or lines. We try to describe any large flaws and you will receive this exact stone.
All photos are taken in natural lighting with a background added afterwards, colors may vary depending on your screens!

{Please note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. }
Banded Calcite:
(Banded calcite is also known as banded calcite onyx)
Calcite amplifies and cleanses energy by diminishing negative energy and drawing positive energy.
Helps combat fatigue, procrastination and boosts motivation and inspiration while enhancing the capacity to learn quickly, making it great for those looking to obtain new skills and knowledge.
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