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Aura amethyst crystals

Aura amethyst crystals

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Aura amethyst crystals by the piece, these are very cool pieces of aura treated crystals that would be great for adding to crystal confetti or give as fun gifts under 5!
These raw gemstones are a unique mix of individual crystal points and tiny clusters that have been treated with a aura borealis coating, these are created by bonding titanium to the amethyst crystals.
Sold individually, you will receive one piece of handpicked aura amethyst.
Sizes do vary from a 1/2" inch to just over 3/4" inches and color varies per stone.

Stone: Titanium treated aura amethyst crystal points and clusters
Sold by: 1 piece
Chakra: Crown and Third eye

{Please note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. }
Aura amethyst: Sometimes called the stone of light this crystal brings joy and happiness, boosts spirits and promotes peaceful thoughts.
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